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Hair Removal, Spots, Vascular and Photorejuvenation


with opt technology and sweeping system

Intense Pulsed Light is a technology widely used in photo epilation. It’s to issue a ray of the range of visible lights with different wavelengths. This ray reaches the hair melanin sticking to it and producing a heating effect to destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissues. This causes the hair not grow again in a very high percentage.

The number of sessions needed to complete hair reduction depends on the type of hair, its density and skin type. Usually on average is between 8 to 10 sessions. Although we find cases that the number is lower because the effect is more effective and in these cases, the number of sessions can be reduced and spaced between them.

Intense Pulsed Light treatments have to follow a defined protocol. The skin where the light is applied can’t be exposed to sunbathe at least two weeks before and two weeks after the treatment.
Treatments should be taken according to skin type, hair and it is important to mind other factors as the medical history of the patients.
In all cases, treatment should be carried out by skilled person being scrupulous following the protocols established. Along with it must strictly follow the prevention and safety regulations.


In our IPL we incorporate the most modern and efficient systems: The E-Light system combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar RF + IPL + Skin Cooling.

The application of RF energy produces a thermal elevation that depends on the electrical conductivity of the fabric on which it is applied. Unlike IPL, it does not depend on the absorption that can occur on the surface, and is not blocked in the epidermal layer of skin containing chromophores.

The RF energy when combined with the IPL energy gives rise to so-called E-light, thus reaching the desired temperatures in the treatment area in order to destroy the desired target in deep areas where the IPL energy does not reach. When applied together, IPL energy is absorbed by the chromophores (melanin, hemoglobin) of the skin surface while RF is responsible for penetrating deeper layers. Large doses of IPL energy are not required to obtain a good result.

The absorption of energy from Radiofrequency does not depend on the amount of melanin in the treatment area. For this reason the E-light has better results both in light hair (blond) and fine hair, as well as in treatments where it is necessary for the energy to reach deeper. Avoiding the risks that appeared with IPL, since it works with lower energy densities and it does not remain so much on the skin surface. In the treatment of photorejuvenation, bipolar RF also provides us with an immediate contraction of collagen and a neocollagenesis after fibroblast stimulation.

How the E-Light system works

1. The head contact with the skin cools the area superficially achieving local anesthesia.
2. The pulsed light pre-heats the hair bulb.
3. Radiofrequency is attracted by the heat generated by the pulsed light bulb and two energies working together to attack both inside and outside of the bulb.

Spot Treatment of skin

The sun and the passing years generate smudging on the most exposed areas of the skin (face, hands and chest). These parts of our body are highly visible areas and these disfigurements have a negative visual impact in the people. These spots are observed latte colored or light brown. This skin spots are tackling by the IPL treatment.

The mechanism of action is as follows. Melanin exacerbated stains, has a large appetite for certain wavelengths. This is called the appetite effect chromophore. To reach out and absorb light energy selective photo thermalizes effect occurs. At the temperature increase produced the stain is destroyed. Injury to the skin is minimal y successive days in the treated sample without stain is regenerated, which gives an appearance of rejuvenation.

Taking advantage of this effect of selective photothermolysis is why the IPL is used in latte spots, discolorations and certain solar lentiginous.

The skin of the treated region is softer and shows a rejuvenated appearance.

The number of sessions required for the treatment of skin blemishes, besides being individualized treatments, usually is around 5. Each session usually lasts about 45 minutes. And we expect to repeat the session between three to six weeks. Before and after treatment should avoid exposure to the sun, before it is advisable to use sunscreen of high index.

After each session is expected slight redness in the area treated but it does not prevent to the patient return to its normal life.

Vascular Treatments IPL

Intense Pulsed Light emits a beam of visible light, between different wavelengths used, a number of them using as a chromophore, or substance target hemoglobin.

On this basis the effect of hemoglobin chromophore can be obtained increasing the temperature and the destruction of the vessel.

 Given the penetration Intense Pulsed Light the Vascular effect is more effective for thin and surface vessels. This takes advantage also in rejuvenating the skin.

The Intense Pulsed Light treatment should be adjusted to the person treated taking into account the skin type and other factors.

1. IPL Pulse Waveform.      2. OPT Pulse Waveform.

Photographic analysis

4 sessions

4 sessions

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Intense Pulse Light
The E-Light system combines three technologies; Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL + skin cooling.