Lifting & Tightening

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

3.0mm / 4.5mm / 7.0mm / 13.0mm


Non-invasive firming (facial and body) and lipolytic treatment

Ultrasounds are acoustic or sound vibrations at frequency greater than 16,000 Hz. There are two types of Ultrasound used in Aesthetic Medicine: non Focused Ultrasound and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

The HIFU system is a new technology applied to medical processes that is now emerging as one of the most efficient in aesthetic medicine for skin tightening and non-surgical treatment of facial and body. The ultrasound operations focus all the shots produced by the transducer in a point where the treatment acquires its maximum efficiency. The energy converges selectively across the skin (acting as magnifying glass with sunlight), preserving intact the more superficial layers. It is for this reason that this technology is extremely safe and can be applied on any skin type without risk of lesions, and in any season.

Biological effects

HIFU system generates immediate contraction by restructuring of protein extracellular matrix proteins (collagen, elastin) and elasticity and renew collagen at medium term. Due the stimulation of fibroblasts, HIFU affects all levels of the skin; epidermis, deep dermis and SMAS (Superficial muscular Apo neurotic system), vital structure in facial architecture. HIFU reaches the optimum depth favoring the maintenance in time of the tissue without loss of elasticity and firmness.

HIFU produces internal temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius while the skin temperature reminds about 40 degrees, generating the activation of energy that causes the protein structure and connective tissue remodel.

 Restructuring Protein

1.Denatured fibre
2. Restructuring fiber

HIFU system affects immediately restructuring the proteins in the elastin and collagen (lifting effect), and stimulates fibroblasts synthesizing new proteins and therefore produces a quick improvement, visual and tangible, in the skin during the successive days of the application (skin tightening effect or affect). These effects occur anywhere on the body.

After the first HIFU session we can observe in the area applied vasodilation with hyperemia, increase blood flow and lymphatic vasodilation evidence.

For this, the equipment has three transducers: one achieves a focal point to 1.5 mm deep, which main target is improve the epidermal level; the second focal point goes down to 3 mm deep and finally, the deepest transducer is able to focus the energy to 4.5 mm at the level of SMAS.

These systems are controlled by a “computer tracking system” to check the facial areas that have already been treated and untreated and make a homogeneous treatment of the area.
In Aesthetic Medicine, frequency used is always greater than 3 MHz, which ensures no damage any surrounding tissue and ensure the effects reach the SMAS.


Is applied on the traction vectors of the face and the effects can be observed immediately on the skin tension. Each patient should be evaluated individually, but the standard procedure suggests a session every 3 or 4 weeks to allow fibroblasts regenerate elastin and collagen. Usually it takes 3 sessions (3-4 weeks between session) to achieve the desired improvement.

The treatment is painless, only perceives a slight sensation of heat and is suitable for any skin and during any season of the year, including summer and tanned skin


Facial sagging (lifting effect), facial skin dull, rough and without smoothness (skin tightening effect), facial wrinkles and folds, sagging neck. Very good results in decreased chin, cheek augmentation and lift the eyebrows.


Pregnancy and lactation, liver failure and severe kidney, heart disease, cardiac pacemakers, coagulopathy, febrile syndrome and epilepsy.


Observe the lifting and skin tightening effect.

Photographic analysis

Facial – 1 session

Body – 1 session

Our technology

hifu firming 3000

High intensity focused ultrasounds Non-invasive (facial and corporal) firming and lipolytic treatment.
The HIFU firming 3000 reaches the deepest skin level SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the last structure in the facial architecture possible to treat with non-invasive technology.