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Excelsior – OPT LED 3.0.

755 nm ~ 880 nm

The new Excelsior is the most revolutionary and innovative technology to date for permanent hair removal.

Innovative three wavelengths technology


755nm + 808nm + 1064nm

This new laser system has been created for the most demanding clients who are looking for the optimal hair removal performance for each skin type regardless of the season.

Q-Switched infinity

ND YAG 532 nm and 1064 nm

High power ultrashort pulses laser, very effective in spots, pigmentation and tattoo removal.
One of the favourites technologies for carbon peeling.

Medical & Technical Assistance Service


Initial and ongoing training courses.

High specialization in aesthetic medicine devices development.

Leader in OEM & ODM production for international markets.


Legolaser Group is a Spanish company highly specialized in the development and production of aesthetic medical devices applied to health care, and beauty industry.

Our team is formed of specialists, doctors, engineers, and technicians with extensive experience in designing, developing, and production of the most innovative aesthetic medical devices.

The endless search for the most convenient technologies, besides medical and technical assistance services, allows us to offer quick solutions customized to every client´s needs. We trust in providing new solutions for new upcoming needs in the beauty and healthcare industry.


Offering the highest efficiency in hair removal systems (high light energy through lowest maintenance cost based on high power OPT LED technology.

Q-Switched Infinity Pro

Q-switched Nd Yag laser
Superior Quality ND Yag Laser the favourite laser for the most demanding professionals.


Three wavelength diode laser
One of the most innovative hair removal systems, three technologies integrated in one handle (755 nm + 808 nm + 1064 nm).

Musa CO2

Advanced CO2 fractional laser technology
Our fractional CO2 laser device guarantees effective treatments, maximum versatility, visible clinical results in a safe and controlled way with reduced downtime.


Vascular fiber diode laser
Diode Fiber Vascular Laser latest technological innovation for vascular lesions care.

Skin Imperfections

Fractional CO2 laser is one of the most cutting-edge technologies used in several laser aesthetic medical treatments, especially indicated for skin anti-ageing.

Pigmentation and tattoo removal

Cutting-edge technology. Very effective in pigmentation lesions and tattoos elimination.

Vascular treatment

Last technological innovations. Nowadays, one of the most demanded aesthetic treatments is the elimination of dermal vascular lesions. Vascular treatment is not aggressive for patients and gives immediate effective results.