Advanced CO2 fractional laser technology

This is Musa CO2

​The Musa CO2 device incorporates the most advanced CO2 fractional laser technology specially designed for treatments that require ablation, incision, excision, and thermal coagulation of soft tissues in order to improve skin texture and imperfections.

Our fractional CO2 laser device guarantees effective treatments, maximum versatility, visible clinical results in a safe and controlled way with reduced downtime.

How fractional CO2 laser technology works?

The Musa CO2 laser penetrates the skin to a deep of 10.6um vaporising it in a fractional way through small programmed thermal micro injuries without affecting the surrounding tissue.
These micro injuries represent between 10% and 50% of the total treatment area, which enables a short healing time, as well as a natural regeneration of the skin thanks to neocollagenesis.


Flexibility and precision

The Musa CO2 has an articulated arm of the highest quality that provides optimum handling as well as maximum precision during treatment.

Operative system

The Musa CO2 offers a versatile, complete and user-friendly operative system, which allows a precise parameter adjustment to adapt to the needs and conditions of each patient and pathology.

Scan patterns

The Musa CO2 has a wide variety of shot patterns that allow it to adapt to the characteristics of each irregularity, adjusting the shot to the treatment area the most.

Scanning modes

It offers the possibility to operate in three different scanning modes: Sequence / Maximum distance / Random.


The Musa CO2 includes different applicators for medical, aesthetic and gynaecological use, which enable an effective treatment of various pathologies depending on the technique required.

Minimal downtime

Thanks to the fractionated CO2 laser technology, minimum recovery time is required, and in certain cases, an immediate return to your normal routine is easily possible.

Guaranteed results

Musa CO2 is a clinically tested technology that offers effective and predictable results in all its indications.

Operational working modes


Focused on facial and body treatments.
Fractionated mode for superficial or deep skin treatments.


Focused on surgery treatments.
Precise continuous mode for skin cauterisation after surgical incision.

Intimate 90º

Fractional for vaginal treatments.

Intimate 360º

Fractional for vaginal treatments.

Skin applications

  • Facial rejuvenation.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Coarse pores.
  • Acne, surgical and traumatic scars.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Warts.
  • Vascular granuloma.
  • Seborrheic keratosis.


Intimate applications

  • Vulva rejuvenation.
  • Vaginal lips aesthetic.
  • Vaginal tightening / elasticity increasing.
  • Insufficient vaginal secretion.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Urinary incontinence.

Technical sheet

Laser type – Fractional CO2 laser
Wavelength – 10,6 um
Screen – LCD 15” colour touch
Pulse width – 0,1 – 10 ms
Laser power – 40 W
Laser energy – 0,3 – 400 mJ
Laser working modes – Continuous / Ultrapulse / Non-sequential pulse
Treatment working modes – Fractional, Continuous, Intimate 90º, Intimate 360º
Scan modes – Sequence / Maximum distance / RandomSpot distance – 0,1 – 2 mm
Dot density – 10.000 at the most
Cooling system – Air cooling system
Guiding light – 650 nm infrared
Net weight –75 kg
Equipment size – 92 x 34 x 114,5 cm
Electrical voltage – AC 220 / 50Hz; AC 110 / 60Hz
Scan patterns size – 0,1 x 0,1 mm2 – 20 x 20 mm2
Scan patterns:

Treatment heads – Fractional head / vaginal head / vulva treatment head / pulse treatment heads x2 (50mm/100mm) / vaginal cervical erosion head / vaginal leakage of urine head

Certificates – Medical CE, ISO 13485