Corporate social responsibility


At Legolaser we believe in corporate social responsibility and as a company active in the health and well-being sector, we regularly collaborate with different medical and humanitarian organizations.


Legolaser Group is affiliated with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation, a Spanish movement born in 2010 to support childhood leukemia treatment research. The Unoentrecienmil Foundation works to take the research further and to support new studies and investigation programs. In less than 15 years they have managed to open 14 new research programs and process 2 patents.


Legolaser Group is a partner of Doctors Without Borders, an international medical humanitarian organization founded in 1971, which provides help to populations in precarious situations and victims of natural or human origin disasters and armed conflicts. Active in more than 70 countries, Doctors Without Borders daily provides medical care to thousands of people and children in difficulty.


Legolaser Group collaborates with UNICEF, a United Nations agency providing humanitarian aid to developing countries’ children and mothers. UNICEF works in more than 190 countries to save, protect, and promote children’s rights, working in different key areas for children: guaranteeing their survival and development, caring for their health, ensuring their access to education, and protecting them from exploitation and violence.