Laser Diode Fiber 980nm


Vascular laser diode fiber latest technological innovation
for vascular lesions care.


Fiber 980nn

Diovas laser is a 980nm transdermal diode, with optical fiber transmission system. This cutting-edge technology has been designed to treat vascular lesions and diseases up to 4 mm diameter. Its advanced designed, such as its small and portable size, make it a great option for every clinic.


  • It boasts an excellent transdermal penetration, which reduce side effects like erythema, or pigmentations disorders. No allergic reactions to be produced, neither needles are needed.
  • Thanks to the low absorption by melanin of 980nm wavelength, the Diovas treatment can be performed in every skin type and during the whole year. In addition, patients can return to normal activity immediately after treatment.

Technical sheet

Laser type – Fiber Diode
Wavelength – 980 nm
Equipment power – 100 w
Laser Source power – 20 w
Screen size – LCD 8.6″ Color
Software – English and Others
Pulse width – 5-100 ms
Spot size / handle – 0.5 – 1 – 2 mm
Working Mode – Continuous / Pulse
Guide light – Diode 650 nm
Shot frequency – 1 Hz – 20 Hz
Cooling system – Air Cooling system
Power voltage – 220 V / 110V
Equipment size/Weight – 38cm x 32cm x 16cm/6 kg
Export pack size/Weight – 54cm x 44cm x 42cm/18 kg


Telangectasias, rosacea, spider veins, rubies spots, hemangiomas, venous lakes, nevus flammeus, or Oporto wine spots. 

Photographic analysis

Telangiectasias – 3 sessions

Rubies spots – 2 sessions