Technical service

We are committed to provide initial and ongoing technical training to our international partners.


Commitment with our equipment.

Legolaser offers 12×5 after sales technical assistance for immediate solutions via online (phone, video calls, emails, etc..).

In addition, we guarantee minimum delivery time for any spare parts (shipping), as we hold enough stock in Legolaser laboratory aiming to assure minimum time off the equipment.


Trusting in partner´s team technical training.

Our international partners use to take initial training in Legolaser Headquarter in Spain, such as, ongoing technical training in their corresponding local market. Legolaser welcome to our international partners to come over our laboratory in Spain for technical update training.

Technical courses are taught by a Legolaser technical engineer. During the same, we focus on daily technical maintenance and set up of equipment.

One of our main targets is to provide to our international partners the right technics and skills to solve efficiently any situation they may face.



Development of equipment and technologies with private label

Legolaser Group SL has a team of designers and engineers specialised in manufacturing technologies for aesthetic medicine.


Private label equipment case design

Legolaser designes cases for equipment adapting them to your corporate line, loyalty colours and logo.


Technology design for private label equipment

Legolaser manufactures the internal technology of your equipment based on the requirements demanded by its clients or patients following the philosophy of your company.


Software design for private brands

Legolaser designs its software following the corporate line of your company and sets up the parameters you want to apply during treatments.