Hair removal

Laser Diode


Laser Diode

Diode Laser is a technology by which the facial and body hair is removed using a laser, coherent, monochromatic unidirectional and long pulse. The Diode Laser uses long pulses that act directly on its target, the hair follicle, destroying it. While the epidermal surface cooled so that it can be used in higher photo-types with a high degree of efficiency.

The Diode laser can work with high frequency ratio (Hertz) performing the treatment in the shortest time possible (epilation sweep) and at same levels of effectiveness.

The Diode Laser is the best option within the range of laser hair removal, since its efficacy, safety and care of the epidermis is far superior to any other technique on the market.


Selective photothermolysis of the dermal papilla
12x12mm Spot Cooling Sapphire – Light Beam Diode

Parameters of laser light

  • Wavelength: Distance between two consecutive peaks or valleys of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Pulse duration: Time, normally measured in milliseconds, in which energy is deposited.
  • Spot size: Size of the epidermis area exposed to each laser pulse.
  • Fluence: Energy per unit area (J/cm2).
  • Pulse rate: Measured in hertz. It is the speed of the shot or number of pulses per second.


Photoepilation: efficacy factors

  • Skin colour and hair colour: more effective on white skin (low phototypes) and on dark hair.
  • Thickness and depth of the hair: greater efficiency in thick and shallow hairs.
  • Phases of the follicular cycle: greater efficacy in the anagen phase.
  • Body zone: The facial area and the male back need more treatments.


Scanning diode laser system

The pulse rate is measured in hertz. The scanning diode lasers with a frequency of 10 Hz and a wide spot are very fast.

Its application, instead of being by concrete “hair by hair” shots, is done by moving the handpiece over the skin at 5-6 cm/second, making between 2 and 4 passes over the area. This allows a progressive thermal effect, raising the temperature of the follicle to a level of 45 to 50 º C, temperature that ensures effective hair removal but with less discomfort and fewer side effects than other lasers.


Hair growth phases

1. Anagen
2. Catagen
3. Telogenic
4. Return to step Anagen



The wide spot of the diode laser increases the penetration of the laser light into the dermis (greater effectiveness even on the male back and residual hair) and performs faster treatments.


The high pulse rate (up to 10 Hz) allows for safer, faster and less disturbing treatments (through the progressive energy reservoir).


The relatively long pulse duration is suitable for depilating tall phototypes and slightly tanned skin.


The low fluences used guarantee minimum discomfort and undesirable effects.


The absence of consumable materials makes it the low maintenance laser.


Leading technology in Diode Laser systems.

Photographic analysis

6 sessions

5 sessions

4 sessions